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Featured GuestBusiness & Leadership VideoImpact’21 | Sanjeev Kumar Chaudhry, CEO of GIGAFORCE

Impact’21 | Sanjeev Kumar Chaudhry, CEO of GIGAFORCE


Alan Olsen: Visiting here today with Sanjeev Kumar Chaudhary Welcome to today’s show.

Sanjeev Kumar Chaudhry: Thank you, thank you,

Alan Olsen: So Sanjeev you’re the CEO and founder of Gigaforce,

Sanjeev Kumar Chaudhry: That’s correct

Alan Olsen: Tell me the inspiration behind Gigaforce coming to be and what she did prior to that.

Sanjeev Kumar Chaudhry: So you know, I’m probably one of the product from Silicon Valley you know, who I would say moved from high tech to one of the conventional business of insurance. So like for almost like 15 years or so I worked in high tech. And then by accident, I got into the insurance space and I saw there was a good opportunity to bring technology in that area. And interestingly enough, when I started working in the insurance space, it was 2011 if you say insurance and Silicon Valley you couldn’t even finish a sentence that will have a meaning but in last five years or so it’s unbelievably more than 7200 companies have outpost or innovation center right out of Silicon Valley I think that’s a huge change I’ve seen in last five years so anyway that’s that’s how I’m you know, I decided to start a company which could be a good marriage between the insurance company and the technology partner.

Alan Olsen: So what’s your your model with Gigaforce as you’re targeting, Who is your target customer?

Sanjeev Kumar Chaudhry: So you know the the what we are trying to do here is you know, there’s a people call it blockchain is internet 2.0 and Android we strongly believe in it and I have a little bit of history on that too. Like when I saw the distributed computing part as part of my life here so what we are trying to do here is we trying to make the life easier for the insurance company bring the performance efficiency, believe it or not, you know, we all nobody likes to pay more money to insurance. And there is a lot of places where the process can improve. And most of the insurance companies are risk takers by nature, itself. Right? But in last five years or so, I think they are feeling some threat. Okay. That’s the reason there’s a lot of innovation happening in that place. And I personally thought rather than going from you know, communication part going sending the messages through pigeons right, are going to the landline and going for the cell phone straight away give a jumper to the like blockchain technology in the insurance space. And I’m very pleased like the kind of traction that we are getting it I think that’s really really remarkable. So I can see a lot of eyes and ears are open in that industry right now.

Alan Olsen: So let’s say this Gigaforce at right now?

Sanjeev Kumar Chaudhry: So we are post revenue. Okay. And we are getting ready for series A. Okay, so we’re very pleased that impact was one of our founding VCs, you know, they invested as they believed in us, and we are very proud that we are associated with them and we are very happy to be here today.

Alan Olsen: Well, it’s exciting to see the company progressing here,

Sanjeev Kumar Chaudhry: They’re friendly, they’re friendly

Alan Olsen: How does a person find out more information on Gigaforce?

Sanjeev Kumar Chaudhry: I think probably one of the ways is our website like www.gigaforce.io, or www.gigaforceinc.com, one of those two ways. So I think that’s one way to get passages. And actually, we were very lucky very early on itself. One of the big analysts firm, okay, they covered us as part of when we launched a product here. And we felt ourselves very good when we were compared with one of the top insurance companies like you know, in terms of the solutioning we felt good about that part of it so you can see the information on like, you know, on our website, as well. As you know, if you do a google you will find us.

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