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Featured GuestBusiness & Leadership VideoImpact’21 | Kenneth Bossung, CEO of Infinadeck

Impact’21 | Kenneth Bossung, CEO of Infinadeck


Alan Olsen: I’m visiting here today with Ken Bossung welcome,

Kenneth Bossung: Alan, how are you? Thank you, great speaking with you.

Alan Olsen:  So Ken, what brought you to the Impact Global Venture conference today?

Kenneth Bossung:  So Jack Crawford, from Impact Venture Capital, has been a friend of mine for 15 or so years. He’s also an investor in the company that I’m a CEO of right now, which is Infinadeck. So he invested in us about two years ago. And so we’re grateful to be here at the Impact Venture Capital summit.

Alan Olsen:  When you look at the state of the world today at COVID, how has your company been affected?

Kenneth Bossung:  Ah, that’s a good one. So we manufacture a device that is in the virtual reality world. And with that, you might think that it really helped our business. Unfortunately, our device is about 700 pounds. So even though people were sitting at home, you really can’t ship our device. So we actually took a little bit of a hit on sales. But now that we’re coming back out of it, I don’t think we really, their sales didn’t, didn’t stop, they just got pushed out to the right now we’re coming back out of COVID. Things are really starting to pick up in a big way across the entire globe. So it’s great.

Alan Olsen:  You know, Ken you’ve done quite a bit in your life. Before you’re at the current company,  what are the companies you’ve been involved with?

Kenneth Bossung:  Great question. So I’ve been involved in technology for the last. I’m an old guy, I’m 60 years old. I’ve been involved in technology in the last 30 years, the last 20 or so have been in with startups. So I got involved in the startup world probably 25 years or so ago in the geospatial technologies and things like that. And I really liked it. I was working for big companies before that. And I had a draw to start a company with four individuals. We were actually funded by the venture capital company of the CIA, a company called In-Q-Tel. And so we started a geospatial software company that went on to be acquired. And then after that, we, we went on to found another geospatial software company. I also was involved in a water technology company. So I’ve done a lot of different technology things. But I’m glad to be close to my home, working for Infinadeck and running a company that’s close here in Northern California now.

Alan Olsen:  What have you picked up from the conference today?

Kenneth Bossung:  Well, I think one of the greatest things that I’ve picked up last night and today at the conference is there’s an amazing amount of new startups that are coming all along. Sacramento used to kind of not be looked at as kind of a little hotbed for startups. And now we’re really getting recognized by investors that are coming up from Silicon Valley investing in companies here in the Sacramento area, some real big companies that are pushing, you know, over $500 million in value over a billion dollars in value. And now we have a bunch more startups here that are following in their footsteps. So I think Sacramento is really coming into its own to be kind of a, you know, a smaller Silicon Valley. And that’s going to take some time, but we’re finally getting recognized Alan

Alan Olsen:  Well Ken, it’s been a pleasure having you with us today.

Kenneth Bossung:  Dynamite. Thanks so much.




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