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How Top Performers Stay Out of Their Own Way

What is a high performer? Does it mean you’ve been promoted to an upper-level position in a company? Does it mean you set and achieve goals at a high level? Does it mean you always come out on top in your professional life? Those all fit into the definition of being a high performer. However, they are really the results, or the outcome, of being a high performer. Having the knowledge, and ability to identify and exhibit what it takes to achieve those standards is what it really means to be a high performer. So, with that in mind, what does it take to become a high performer?

Top Attributes of High Performers

There are many attributes that are common among high performers, but it all starts with being able to stay out of their own way. In other words, to truly achieve greatness you have to allow yourself to do it. So how do high performers stay out of their own way? They do it by displaying some common behaviors.

1. They Start Things – before you can achieve great things you have to take the first step. Top performers start things. They don’t stay idled. They get up and do. A thought is just a thought until it’s put into action. If you want to become a high performer you have to act. And you do that by taking the first step.

2. They Show Up – high performers also show up. They show up to work, and they show up for life in general. Opportunities are often lost because someone simply didn’t show up. So to achieve more you have to start by being present.

3. They Don’t Stay Comfortable – it’s easy to sit back and go through the motions. You have your routine and you’re comfortable with your tasks and responsibilities. However, to become a high performer, you have to be willing to leave your comfort zone and push yourself harder and further. The more you can live outside of your comfort zone the more you will accomplish.

4. They Don’t Compare Themselves to Others – comparison is a killer, unless you’re comparing yourself to none other than your previous self. High performers don’t make the mistake of comparing themselves to others. They understand that their value and worth is not based on what others do or think. Instead, they compare where they are now to where they used to be. This provides an accurate measuring stick of how far they’ve come and how much further they still need to go.

5. Keep the Right Company – high performers also know it’s important to spend their time with the right people. They don’t have time for negative people. They surround themselves with great people who help them achieve more. They aren’t worried about being the smartest or best. Rather they want to be around great people so they can learn from them. This allows them to discover new skills and attributes that will serve them in their efforts to become better.

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