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How to Maintain the Most Important Ingredient for Leadership

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Remember those battery commercials featuring the Energizer Bunny? He just kept going, and going, and going. Yes, it’s true. That Bunny might have been a little annoying, but the message was clear. Energy is important and you never want to run out of it.

So what about energy in the business world? How important is energy to an organization’s success? The truth is it’s vital.

Energy Breeds Success
Have you ever worked for a company that was low on energy? Going to work was probably a drag. There is no excitement or inspiration without energy. Optimism is low and successes are few and far between. Now contrast that with a company full of energy. Everyone is upbeat. Enthusiasm and motivation levels are high and everyone works together so all are successful. This is the kind of company people want to work for. And everyone looks forward to coming to work.
Lead With Energy
Energy is important to the success of any company, but it’s also a very important ingredient for great leadership. Good leaders possess numerous qualities. They have to, to help those they lead succeed. From having great vision to a positive attitude, leaders use a wide range of attributes to motive the people they work with. Of those attributes, energy might be the key ingredient. That’s because energy breeds so many positive results. Not just success, but also enthusiasm, optimism and even laughter and an overall brighter outlook. Collaboration also improves when energy abounds in the workplace.
Creating More Energy
The key is being able to create this energy and then cultivating, or maintaining it. Without a complete tank of energy, individuals, and as a result the companies they work for, begin to run down. They lose their motivation and their edge. Thus, having a full tank of energy is the key to continually moving forward. The same is true for leaders. A good leader cannot lead without a full tank of energy. With an ample supply good leaders don’t have to worry about trying to motivate individuals. Instead, they just have to share energizing experiences with those they work with. These experiences help people find their own energy. With that energy they continue to create their own positive experiences and everyone benefits.
Everyone Benefits From Increased Energy
As people continue to experience energizing experiences, good leaders will help them find and create additional energy sources. This not only helps employees, but leaders also discover new abilities and strengths in themselves and the people they work with. By identifying these strengths and abilities and combining them with full sources of energy, the entire organization is able to work together and accomplish amazing things.
Keep the Energy Going
Effective leadership helps people to not only achieve their greatest successes, but also discover new strengths they didn’t know they had. However, in order to do this, leaders must be able to continually create and cultivate energy throughout their entire organization. In the end, it’s energy that moves everything forward and great leaders now hot to keep it going, and going, and going…

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