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How to Ignite Your Inner Spirit to Pursue Your Passions

ignite your passions

We are all made up of a body and a spirit, or a soul. It’s our soul or spirit that really drives us to do everything we do. Our body is just the tool we use to carry out the desires and passions of our spirit. Many people think of a spirit only in religious terms, while others don’t believe in religion at all. However, whatever your beliefs there’s no arguing that we all have a spirit within us that motivates us to think, feel, act and live. Some people have no trouble finding the necessary passion or motivation to pursue their goals and dreams, while others find it much more difficult to find the drive it takes to be successful. So how can people ignite their inner spirit, which allows them to follow after their own passions and desires?

Don’t Let Logic Stop You

I asked this question to Prasad Kaipa when he joined me as a guest on my radio program, American Dreams. Among his many titles, Prasad is an executive coach, mentor, author and founder of the Centre for Leadership, Innovation and Change at the Indian School of Business. “When we are dreaming, when we are envisioning, we do not look at abstractions in making them happen. So first we need to learn to dream.” Prasad said that many times people let logic or certain data or statistics get in the way of having big dreams. He also pointed out that people should ask themselves not only what are they dreaming about, but also who they are dreaming them for? He said that being able to look outside of the box and not just focusing on one’s self, but rather expanding one’s horizon as far as possible, can be very powerful. That is the first step.

Follow Your Passion

The second step, according to Prasad, after you have been able to dream and envision what you want to create and why you want to create it is to passionately go after it. However, Prasad said you have to go after it the right way. “Don’t look it at like my project and it is all for myself, but keep remembering to enroll other people into your ecosystem to be part of it. You help them to make their dreams come alive and they will help you to make your dreams come alive.” That is where the enlightened self-interest, according to Prasad, will create significant results for both you and them.

Keep You Focus on the Passion Not the Outcome

Lastly, Prasad emphasized the importance of not getting too wrapped up in the outcome and the results. It’s important to detach yourself from the outcome and what the outcome means. Instead, he said you should focus on the passion, the process and the people. Do not get emotionally tied up with what you will do if you achieve the dream. “Detached engagement will give your role clarity and also make sure your ego gets out of the way.”

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