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How to Find the Right Dividend Growth Stock


How many great ideas for a startup do you know of that never really got off the ground? Startup companies are a dime a dozen and the majority never become successful. Even some of the best ideas and coolest technologies fail to reach their full potential. These days it takes more than just a great technology to achieve brand success. Startup companies must offer a compelling reason for people to embrace their products or services. Thus, even the best technology won’t be successful if the company behind it can’t create the buzz necessary for people to adopt it.

Solve a Problem or Start a Cause

Therefore, in order to become successful, you’re startup needs to create a movement. The best startups are companies that offer solutions to fix real problems. Likewise, a startup that is built around a cause is also more likely to succeed. You need to start with simplicity by keeping your products and/or services as simple as possible. Additionally, if you’re focused on solving a problem make your resolution as simple as possible. By keeping things as streamlined and focused as you can, customers will find it easier to adopt your technology.

Who’s Your Audience?
It’s also just as important to know your audience. You must not only identify whom you are trying to reach, but you also need to truly know them. That means you understand their tendencies, how they think, what drives them and what kinds of things are they pursuing. If you want to reach them at an in-depth level then you have to understand them. When you understand your audience and how to solve their problems or help their cause then you can create products or services that they desire and deem necessary.

Create Your Own Movement
If you have clearly defined your value proposition your customer base will start to develop even before they have had a chance to try your product or service. In most cases, companies attempt to reach this stage with advertising and marketing aimed at getting people’s attention. However, if you want to create a real movement that can catch on and push your startup over the top, you have to think outside of your consumer base. You need to consider all possible users in your entire network and how your product could help them. Next, focus your movement efforts on those segments, as well,until they understand how your product or service can help them.

Simplicity and Disruption
Countless startups have tried and failed. Even some of the best ideas have ended up on the scrap heap because a company couldn’t start a movement. It’s vital to keep things simple, know your audience and create your own movement. If you really want to disrupt an industry, or create a new one, then you have to immerse every possible stakeholder in your potential audience into your story. That’s how a movement begins.

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