How to Become a More Decisive Leader

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Have you ever been faced with a choice that was so difficult you couldn’t make a decision? Being indecisive can be highly detrimental in the workplace, especially for leaders.  Sometimes indecisiveness can be even worse than making the wrong choice.


So what can you do to be a more decisive leader? There are several factors that go into making informed reasonable decisions, here are four key elements to becoming more decisive.


Knowledge – one of the biggest obstacles to being decisive is a lack of knowledge. So, research the issue until you have a solid understanding of the issue and possible outcomes, you’ll have an easier time deciding.


Direction – another important factor is to have a clear direction. What is the purpose or the goal that you or your company want to achieve? Before you can decide, you must understand the company’s strategy and desired outcome.  Being in concert with those you report to will significantly help you with both direction and the next element, courage.


Courage – if you’re a decision maker then you’ll be held accountable for the outcome, that means you must be brave enough to take the risk. There is always a chance that a choice could fail but developing the strength to live with your choice no matter the outcome will allow your inner decisiveness to emerge.  Sincerity and the best interest of your company are powerful explanations for a choice that turns out to be wrong. So, be sure you know the why, and it’ll help you be courageous.


Follow Through – once you’ve made a choice, you must follow through and see that your choice is properly implemented; insuring the person implementing your decision does it properly is essential to its success.  Without commitment, most decisions never fail to fail. Even a spectacularly awesome decision will need shepherding, or at least a follow up, to be successful.


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