How to Become a Global Business Leader


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Not everyone that wants to become a global business leader is going to reach that goal. That’s because it takes serious commitment, hard work, and a relentless desire to succeed in order to become a successful global business leader. But don’t despair; nothing is impossible if you’re willing to do the work.

But you will need to make certain decisions to get there.

Don’t be afraid to take chances – taking risks is important, but you don’t want o be reckless. It’s best to take educated risks earlier in your career when you have less at stake to lose.
Work in foreign countries – working and becoming successful in your home country is great, but if you want to have a global impact you’ve got to move outside your comfort zone and see how things operate in other countries. This will give you experience and insight into other markets.
Build your core strengths – every great global business leader has many strengths. It’s vital to discover and hone your core attributes, such as curiosity, courage and integrity.
Be a great communicator – take the time to learn how to communicate, and to become an accomplished presenter. These attributes will help you immensely as you make your climb to the top.
Think strategy not execution – execution is important, but in reality, it’s what got you there that makes the real difference. In other words, focus on why you do things, more than on how you do things, and consider the big picture.

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