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How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist! 7 Easy Ways to Serve


How can I be a philanthropist?


With so much turmoil in the world today, you may often find yourself asking, “How can I help those who are struggling?” Like me, you may say, “I want to help, but I can’t donate millions of dollars like big corporations…how can I even make a difference?” Fortunately, there are many ways to still serve those around you and uplift others. You will find satisfaction as you be a light to others in need at no cost to you! Here are 7 ways to be an everyday philanthropist and serve those around you!


  1. Be Aware of Strangers and Smile at Them

That’s right! Smile. You don’t have to be wealthy to be an everyday philanthropist! The definition is actually quite broader than this common use of the word. Philanthropy is for everyone. At it’s core, philanthropy is simply concern for someone else, which means there are a lot of ways to be a philanthropist. Acknowledging someone, giving an unexpected smile — it is concern for someone else’s emotional state, and guess what? It’s really good and healthy for the giver too!

2. Say Yes; Even if it is Easy to say No

There are constantly opportunities to help that we ignore. There are countless charities around us that we can easily donate to. Think about it! If you gave a dollar at the grocery store checkout every time they asked, and I do as well, we can make a difference. It might even encourage the person behind you to say yes too and create a chain reaction. You can be an initiator, a leader in philanthropy! It’s easy to be overwhelmed by need, but together we can overcome all kinds of things! Next time a cashier asks if you’d like to give a dollar, say yes, start small. 

3. Give Blood

Think of how many blood drives there are each year. It is so easy to pass by and not even consider it. However, the work done at blood drives actually saves lives and provides resources to save a life and enhance modern medicine. One unit of blood, which is around one pint, on average saves three lives! Think of the difference you could make just by donating blood.

4. Offer Your Resources

For example, if you own a truck and your neighbor is moving, offer to help them move and to use your vehicle. Sometimes the opportunity to serve comes as you pay attention to the needs of others, and offer your help when the occasion arises.

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5. Offer Computer Help

In today’s world, the knowledge of technology can be so valuable in daily life. The elderly around us often feel like they are missing out or are simply not sure of how to operate the technology around them. It can go a long way if you offer technology help to the elderly in your life.

6. Hold the Door for Someone

This one seems so simple. Because it is. It is such a small act of kindness but it shows that you took time to notice someone else, and take one second to try and make their life a little easier. In my mind, this is the essence of service. To take time to think of others before yourself, and try to make their life better. Hold the Door for Someone.

7. Say Thank you

In our daily actions, it can be so easy to get distracted and be in a rush. Whether we are ordering food, calling a client, or simply just working, make sure to say thank you to those you work with. It is so simple to do and it can go a long way.

Now you can be a philanthropist!

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These simple acts of kindness can make a big difference in the lives of others. Think about the times someone has done one of these things for you, or if you have done the same for someone else. The amazing thing about service is that when you think of others before thinking of your own well-being, both you and the person you help will feel uplifted.

Authored by Carter Walch


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