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How to Be a Conscious Leader

What does it mean to be a conscious leader? To be conscious is to be aware, or mindful, of one’s surroundings and responding to them. Thus, conscious leaders know what’s going on with the team and the department they lead. They are aware of their teams’ needs. They take the time to listen so they truly understand how to act. They are authentic and they are tuned in with what’s going on in the world around them. Unconscious leaders do just the opposite. They are often self-absorbed and they react instead of act.

So what does it take to be a more conscious leader?Here are some tips to get you there.

Become More Self-Aware
Being self-aware is vital to becoming a conscious leader. Being self-aware means you know who you are as a person, and not lust a leader. It’s more than just knowing and recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. It means being conscious of your feelings, your thoughts and your motives. When you have an understanding of these things you are able to manage them. This allows you to become more conscious of whom you are as a person. Then you can concentrate on becoming a more self aware and conscious leader.

Be intentional
There is no place for apathy in a conscious leader’s personality. Conscious leaders are intentional. They are intentional with their time, their money and with everything else. They understand that their life is up to them. They don’t let life happen or wait for things to come to them. They go out and make things happen. If you aren’t happy with the direction of your life, then take some time to evaluate your situation. Then set an intention to make changes.

Meditation is considered one of the best things you can do foryour overall health. Ithas been shown to reduce stress, enhance mood, increase brain activity, and boost creativity. It’s also a key attribute of becoming a more conscious leader. Meditation helps you deepen your consciousness, which helps you become more self-aware and more aware of your surroundings.

Consider Your Influence
We all have many friends and acquaintances. But most people spend the majority of their time with just a handful of people. Take the time to consider whom you spend your time with. Who are the people who have the most influence over you? Often,we are the product of the people we associate with. That means you need to take a close look at those people. Do you like their attitudes and behaviors? Do they have a positive affect on you and your attitudes and behaviors? Ifthey don’t then, maybe you need to consider changing your influence.

Become More Conscious
Conscious leaders also have the ability to avoid taking things personally. They say what they mean and they follow through with what they say. They don’t assume anything. Instead, they’re intentional. And lastly, they do their best no matter what.

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