How Leaders Can Fight Burnout


Are you feeling drained? Feeling like you just don?t have the energy or desire to keep pushing forward? It?s not just you. It?s called burnout and it?s a real thing. In fact, the World Health Organization calls it a syndrome and defines it as a range of symptoms related to chronic stress.

In most cases, burnout is related to the workplace, more specifically, burnout is associated with overworked employees with too few resources, too little time, and too many obligations. Burnout is also very common among leaders who often carry the heaviest stress loads.

So, how can people avoid this fate? It all comes down to leadership creating a healthy workplace environment. This requires leaders to focus on the following:

  • Workload
  • Control
  • Reward
  • Community
  • Fairness
  • Values

It?s vital for leaders to give these six areas sufficient attention if they want to avoid burnout. Avoiding burnout plays a huge role in a company?s success, as it leads to more employee turnover and to unhealthy workers. And that negative impacts the bottom line.

If leaders give these factors enough attention they can avoid burnout and build a healthy workplace where they and their teams can thrive.

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