How He Averages a 20% Return on the Market

How He Averages a 20% Return on the Market

Hal Kellman was born into what some may deem under privileged circumstances but that didn’t stop him from being the first in his family to go to college. Today he’s the Principal at the Kellman Family Office where privately manages investments for a handful of lucky clients. The remarkable thing about it all is that he’s averaged a 20% return over the past few decades for his clients.

About Hal Kellman:

As a child, Hal grew up sharing a one bedroom apartment with six other people in the Bronx. Neither of his parents went to college nor did they support him in his decision when he announced it. He attended Michigan Technology University where he obtained his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. He also received an MBA in Finance from the University of Michigan.

Hal has always been fascinated with technology and uses his passion to help him identify up and coming companies that would make great growth stock investments. He even built his own computer grid system to help him narrow down 17,000 stocks to a mere 35 to help him focus his attention on companies he deems to have the biggest growth potential. During his career, Hal has averaged a 20% return on his investments.

GROCO Staff Writer