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How Full-Stack Automation Can Help Your Business

Are you in the cloud? If you think that refers to someone who isn’t quite in touch with reality then you need a vocabulary refresher. These days, it’s a good thing to be in the cloud and just about everyone is headed there. From large-scale businesses to an individual desktop computer or smartphone users, just about everyone is starting to store more data and info in the “cloud.” Thus, more and more companies are also working to provide cloud services designed to give businesses a smooth transition to this new form of digital storage.

The Cloud Is Expanding

One such company is Agile Stacks, which was created by John Mathon, who is a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. He started companies such as TIBCO, ShareALot and Mathon Systems and is currently the Vice President, Strategy at Yenlo. As for Agile Stacks, it’s an out of the box “Google-Like” cloud infrastructure that offers a new approach to full stack automation on the cloud. I spent some time recently, personally learning more about this venture from John. He explained that millions want to go into the cloud and start offering services. It’s an exploding business and as the cost of the cloud storage goes down, more and more businesses want to just take all their operations and move them to the cloud.

It’s Not An Easy Move

However, John said it’s not necessarily an easy move. “The problem is it’s very difficult to move to the cloud, especially for a lot of older industries. I saw the problem at my last open-source company I was working at where people were trying to deploy these multiple services at the same time and they couldn’t make them work.” John said they didn’t know how to make it reliable or secure. He explained that a lot of knowledge is missing from many companies and they don’t have a good resource to get quality information. Because he recognized this serious problem he developed a new technology that leverages some old-school ideas with some new ones. Agile Stacks “enables us to take a large number of components in technology and integrate them and make them work in the cloud without having to have all the expertise and give it what we call like a Google-like infrastructure out of the box on day one. I think it’s going to help a lot of companies get to the cloud a lot faster.”

The Need for Agile Stacks Already Exists

John shared an example with me that he had with a company called Ecobee an IoT company that makes thermostats and energy monitors in Europe. Ecobee is trying to ship 10 million of these devices right now but they have a huge problem with building the IT to support all those devices. They have struggled with getting all the qualified people that they need and building that infrastructure and really making it happen. He said: “It’s very interesting; when I first started talking with people from Ecobee, and as I listened, the question occurred to me how are you doing as far as the cloud deployments?” He said they essentially told him how they would like to have premade stacks of technology if they could because they didn’t want to deal with this issue. They didn’t want to really spend half of their time developing the infrastructure. “They wanted that off the shelf, which was astonishing to me because that was what I was planning to do.”

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