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Hottest Inventions of 2017

Wow, believe it or not 2017 is almost over. How can that be possible? Where does the time go? We’re now less than two months away from 2018. That means a new batch of innovative gadgets will soon be making their debut at trade shows and retailers all over the country. As we get ready for what the new year has to offer, now is a good time to look back on 2017 and see which products have made a lasting impression on consumers and the tech market in general. Not all the best tech involves smartphones,TVs,or other personal electronic devices. But of course, those items are always popular, too.

So what’s been grabbing headlines this calendar year?

Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel
Getting around on two wheels is a great way to go if your lifestyle allows it. If you really need to get somewhere fast and you want to reduce emissions, this bike offers power for up to a 30 minute ride at 20 miles an hour. Running on a battery-powered motor, the bike also connects to your smartphone to offer data about your rides.

eSight 3
This device is not designed for fun and games. In fact, its purpose is to help legally blind people find their way around. It does this by combining a video display with a high definition camera. The images are displayed on two OLED screens in frontof the person’s eyes. The eSight 3 reads and provides directions, and offers true augmented reality.

Snapchat Spectacles
If you love Snapchat then you would love these glasses, too. They come with a built-in video camera that allows you to get that perfect shot no matter where you are. And it will always be from your eye-level perspective. Their limited availability has made them a hot item.

Samsung Galaxy S8
While the world has just been introduced to the iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has already been getting plenty of attention. This smartphone offers amazing battery life, a beautiful screen, and extraordinary camera. It’s definitely a viable competitor to Apple’s X.

Hear One
These are not your ordinary headphones. They are designed to cancel out surrounding noise, like a baby crying, or even turn up the volume when you can’t pick up on what the person you’re conversing with is saying.

SpaceX Falcon
As rockets go, they generally get one blast off and then it’s off to the scrap heap. However, SpaceX is no ordinary company and it recently launcheda pre-used Falcon 9 first stage rocket. The rocket was programmed to land intact and upright after it’s launch and it did so successfully. Being able to reuse rockets multiple times could reduce spaceflight costs enormously.

LG Signature W-Series Wallpaper TV
If you’re always looking for bigger and better when it comes to TVs, this beauty from LG is sure to grab your attention. Measuring just .15inch thick and weighing only 16 pounds this 65-inch OLED display not only looks amazing but it also blends almost invisibly into your room. It even mounts on your wall with magnets and offers some of the richest colors you can get from any display available.

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