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Having a Hard Time Balancing Work and Family Life? Try these 6 Things

Work and Family

Having a job is hard work. But having a career and a family is even more challenging. One of the hardest things about working full-time is the toll it takes on your loved ones. Although you may feel fulfilled after working 50 hours a week and skipping dinner for that meeting, your family may not feel the same. These six things might be able to ease some of the burdens your hard work has on your family.



One of the most important things you can do to create a healthy work-life balance is prioritizing. Some jobs require more time away from home than others. If you are early in your job search, you can look for a job that will allow you to spend ample time together with your family. In today’s modern work world, virtual work is also available in some instances; this is another way to balance your time between work and your family.



You will never know if your work schedule affects your relationship with your loved ones if you don’t talk to them about it. Communicating with your family about how they feel about your work schedule can open doors for improvements on your part and your family’s. Once you understand their perceptions of your work and better understand what you do, you can create a better plan to improve your family life.


  • Schedule family time like you schedule your business meetings


Penciling your children and significant other into your busy work schedule can relieve the burden work puts on your relationships. If your schedule is hectic and you often forget family time, it will be easier to remember to spend time with them. 


  • Share your work experiences with your family


As you begin to merge your family life with your work life, it is essential to let them in on the life you live outside of the home. Explaining what you do at work can help your children understand why sometimes you are so busy. Bringing them in to see where you work is also a great way to make them feel more involved in your work-life. 



It is vital to let your family know that they are your priority when you are away from work. If you are constantly on your phone taking work calls or answering emails on your laptop, they may feel like you are still at work even when you are at home. Boundaries can help build your family relationships and make the home a place for love and togetherness. One example of this could be to make a no-cell phone rule at the dinner table to avoid distractions. Some people also make it a practice not to check work emails on the weekends. Any variation of these boundaries will work wonders in your family life.



The important thing about these tips is to avoid being too rigid in your life! While It is important to have schedules and hit deadlines, adapting to life’s challenges is also essential! Allow yourself to roll with the punches thrown at you by life, and you will find that your stress levels will be more manageable. 


Authored by Dayton Dempsey

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