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Get Involved: Top 3 Charities That Help the Homeless.

help, charities, involvedPerhaps one of the largest social issues in the United States is that of homelessness. It is a complex issue that is easier talked about than taken care of. As of 2017, 553,742 people are experiencing being homeless on a given night (National Alliance… 2022). Although that number is the lowest it has ever been, that is still a lot of people suffering. Many major cities have shelters and plans in place to help those experiencing homelessness. But government entities are not the only ones looking out for the homeless. There are numerous charities across the country that focus on improving homeless people’s lives and getting them back on their feet. This paper will examine three charities that are effective organizations in aiding homeless people.

The first is Proven Solutions – Coalition for the Homeless. Founded in the 1980s, PSCH is based in New York City and has eleven programs that focus on ending mass homelessness. PSCH was successful in Callahan v. Carey, which established the right to shelter homeless adult men. They have also secured housing for people living with HIV and AIDS. PSCH focuses a lot on cost-effective housing that helps find a solution to mass homelessness. Like many organizations, PSCH receives donations from ordinary cities, funding from city partners, and has volunteers help make the program move. Due to the work of PSCH, over 1,000 meals are served on an average night, 598 households were saved from becoming homeless, intervened in more than 800 crises cases, created 169 stable homes, helped 209 women find jobs, distributed over 1,000 laptops to youth, and gave over 150 children somewhere to stay (Coalition for… 2022). This NYC charity has proven effective in their work and means.

The next effective organization is the Food and Care Coalition in Provo Utah. Their goal is to find suitable housing, teach financial accountability, elevate personal morals and values, and help people fulfill their potential. Aside from their mission, FCC offers medical assistance, dental assistance, and counseling. Rather than just feeding homeless people and sending them on their way, FCC seeks to reestablish homeless people back into normal life with the skills necessary to succeed.

The last charity organization is the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. This charity was founded in 1980, the CCH advocated for affordable housing in Chicago, public school access, health care, and job opportunities for those struggling to obtain such things. Rather than accepting government grants, CCH accepts donations and advocates for funds to improve housing and support programs for the homeless.

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Although homelessness has been recorded at its lowest number, it is still an issue that many cities find themselves trying to solve. By volunteering and donating to charities and programs that help homeless people, one can support the solution to ending mass homelessness. It takes action time from more than one person, and a whole community can change the life of more than just one person. The PSCH, FCC, and CCH are all great programs that have proven that it is possible to help homeless people find a home.



Authored by Dayton Dempsey

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