Gemlust | Rénee Kubryk

About Rénee Kubryk

Rénee Kubryk has always had a passion for Gems. At a young age Rénee found herself working at a jewelry store owned by her parents. She received her degree in nursing from City University of New York City College and later a Master’s in Human Resources & Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco. Rénee had a booming career in the furniture industry where she helped design high end furniture. After moving on from the furniture industry, Rénee became the owner of Gemlust, a jewelry store focused on procuring high end gems and jewelry for clients in the upper 2% tier. Rénee uses her vast knowledge and connections in the gemology industry to help her clients procure jewelry while bypassing commercial price markups. Renee operates an eBay store called Vintage Diamonds, (// she can also be reached for private appointments at