From Purple to Entrepreneur Copy Copy

From Purple to Entrepreneur

The Story of Marcus Haney

Question: Can you tell us the story behind receiving your purple heart?

Marcus: I went into the Marine Corps in 2009. I decided College wasn’t going to be my path so I decided I was going to go protect my country. I’ve always been very patriotic and decided to join the United States Marine Corps. My third deployment was to Sangin Valley Afghanistan. I was on a quick reaction force mission. My team was under fire and ended up getting ambushed and took a bullet- a 762 round to my right thigh. I got medivac’d out and had five or six different surgeries after which I ended up in San Diego at the Wounded Warrior Battalion. It was really neat- I got to meet my son for the first time in the hospital. He was born while I was overseas and when I came back I got to meet him in the hospital for the first time.

Question: How has that experience changed you?

Marcus: I look at my experience in the marine corps as a platform to give me stability in order to lead some other people. After coming back to civilian life, I see things a little different. I really use my Marine Corps career as a stepping-stone for me to join my father in the entrepreneurial community and start my own business. It gives me the tenacity and the know-how and the the drive to go on something like that.

Question: How did it feel meeting your son for the first time in the hospital?

Marcus: That was so so special. When you come back from Afghanistan [doctors] worry about chemicals and stuff like that being on you from overseas. While I was holding him in my arms the first time, I had a gunshot wound to the leg and he was in this little yellow gown. I looked at him in the eyes and it made everything all better.

Question: After you left the Marine Corps, how did your company, Haney Industrial Supply, come about?

Marcus: In the state of California, there’s a program known as¬†Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise. I was introduced the program a few years back and I decided I wanted to be my own boss and maintain the family tradition and become an entrepreneur. I started a company called Haney Industrial Supply. I sell everything from abrasives to DeWalt drills so anything you need for your office supplies- I’m your guy.

Question: Who are your typical clients?

Marcus: State of California, folks at the Department General Services or Caltrans or any large construction companies that buy safety supplies.

Question: What’s the best way to contact Haney Industrial Supply?

Marcus: You can go to Feel free to send me an email

Question: Do you have any final thoughts?

Marcus: My mission is centered around helping other disabled veterans become entrepreneurs as well. If you’re interested in pursuing entrepreneurship and you’re a veteran, please reach out to me. I’d love to put you in a right position.