Foreword to United States Tax Laws

United States Tax Laws – A Perspective for Foreign Companies and Individuals Doing Business or Living in the United States


Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen & Co. is a respected and well-recognized leader among the San Francisco Bay Area accounting firms by providing distinctive high quality tax and accounting consulting services. Our professionals are experienced in assisting many foreign companies and individuals with optimizing their worldwide tax savings through proper planning.

This document is intended for those interested in residing, investing and/or doing business in the United States. The United States tax laws are very complex and often change and the U.S. government acts strongly against violation of tax rules. This document is current as of June 2000. The material covers areas of the U.S. tax law that many Foreign companies and individuals coming to the United States may encounter. It cannot and does not cover exhaustively the subjects it discusses but is intended to answer some of the important broad questions that may arise. When specific problems occur in practice, it is often necessary to refer to laws, regulations, and court decisions to develop appropriate accounting and any needed legal advice.

The executive summaries highlight tax areas that many foreign companies and individuals encounter. China and the U.S. have an income tax treaty in force. The tax treaty provides tax advantages to many companies and individuals through reduced withholding rates and elimination of tax on certain items. We suggest that you consult with one of our representatives to obtain the most current developments and refinements of the U.S. tax laws and treaty benefits available if you plan on coming to the U.S. to reside, invest or do business in the near future. It is important to review tax planning strategies prior to establishing U.S. residency, making an investment or acquiring U.S. business operations, because many tax advantages are lost once events take place.

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Bill Evans