Five Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make at Work


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Have you ever made a bad mistake at work that you just couldn’t live down? No one is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. In most cases, people can overcome mistakes they make at work, but there are a few missteps that could really end up costing you.

So, even though you’re not perfect make sure you do everything in your power to avoid these five critical mistakes at work.

Promising too much – we all want to accomplish as much as we can and impress our bosses and coworkers. However, it’s a bad idea to promise more than you can handle. Promising too much and not delivering will definitely hurt you; so don’t overextend your capabilities.
Kissing up – you want to impress your boss. Who doesn’t? But don’t be a suck up. Kissing up to your boss will hurt you with the rest of your coworkers and most bosses recognize flattery for what it is.
Gossiping – gossiping, or backbiting is one of the worst mistakes you can make at work. Avoid making others look bad with both your words and deeds. Backbiting will never score you points with your co-workers or your superiors.
Being negative – negativity kills. No matter how bad your situation is it won’t get better by being negative. No one likes to be around negative people because they always make things seem worse. Instead, try to look for the silver lining in everything. And no matter what, never announce that you hate your job. This is a good way to be shown the door.
Bragging – no matter how great you are at your job, no one needs to hear about it. Braggers rub their co-workers the wrong way, and true or not, it indicates that success is not the norm for you. When you score a touchdown, act like you’ve been there before.

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