Five Helpful Tips to Be More Productive and Organized


You want to be more organized, right? Most people do. However, there are certain things you need to do in order to get more organized and become more productive. The problem is, many people spend way too much time on tasks of little or no consequence. In other words, we waste valuable time on pointless things.

So what can you do to become more organized and in turn, more productive?

Better organization leads to more productivity so you must get organized to really achieve your goals. Start by keeping your desk,and/or office free of clutter.

Straighten things up, toss what you don’t need and put things where you know you can find them.You should also clean up at the end of each workday and have everything in order for the next day.

Organized people don’t get caught up in several to-do lists. They have one task sheet and they focus on that. Having multiple to-do lists leads to a cluttered mind and a cluttered workspace, where not much is accomplished.Just like your bills, it’s best to consolidate your tasks into one comprehensive list.

Organized and productive people don’t procrastinate. In fact, they focus on the worst tasks first, so they can get them done and out of the way. Doing this,frees up their minds to focus on more pleasant tasks.

Another bright idea to be more organized is to plan your next day the night before. This not only gives you a focus and purpose for the next day, but it frees you from worrying about everything you have to do the next day and how it will all get done.

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Bill Evans