Epiode 8: Why Scientific Wellness Will Be More Important Than Healthcare


Currently our Healthcare system is designed to treat and cope with disease once we start seeing symptoms. How would you like to eliminate the problem before before you even get sick? The newly launched Scientific Wellness accomplishes just that and is set to disrupt healthcare’s priority in our lives.

Covered in this interview are the answers to the following questions:

How if our current healthcare industry is negatively impacting our society?

Who is Clayton Lewis and why did he and Dr. Lee Hood start Arivale?

How is Arivale different from our current healthcare system.

What are the 4 quadrants of measurement that Arivale uses?

How do you define health and well being?

Rather than focusing on illness and symptoms like our current healthcare system does, what can we do differently if we focus on wellness?

What are some of the current challenges in bringing implementing Scientific Wellness in society?

How do you see a wellness industry changing our culture in the future?

Will the wellness industry reduce the quantity of doctors and nurses that are needed?

Let’s say I’m interested in signing up for Arivale, can you walk me through the process so I know what I’m going to experience as a patient?

The wellness industry relies a lot on patient engagement? How do your coaches motivate your patients to stay engaged in moving towards their optimal level of wellness.

How long do your coaches stay in contact with their patients?

Is Arivale contracted with any healthcare insurance providers?