Effectively Managing Your Goals

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If you want to know where you are going, start with the end in mind. In order to do this, it is important to establish an effective process to carry out your goals. Some goals may take only days to accomplish while others may take years.

In order to create a fluid process for accomplishing goals, our firm has established three action plans.

The 90 Day Plan
The One Year Growth Plan
The 3 Year Growth Plan
How to Write Your Plan

In order to start the process, you need to start with a 3 year growth plan.

Determine the Goals. First, develop 5 Goals that you want to accomplish within the next 3 years. Do you want to grow your business revenue? Do you need to create a Business succession plan? Whatever the goals may be, write them down.
Measure Progress. Next, determine how you are going to measure the success of the goals that you have set.
Create Strategies. How are you going to accomplish your goals? Break each goal down into bite sized pieces. Decide what you need to do to accomplish the bigger picture.
Establish a Deadline. When does the goal need to be accomplished by? Now, remember this is a 3 year plan. Create a timeline for when each of your smaller strategy goals will be accomplished.
Return and Report. Who is responsible for each strategy goal? Are different employees responsible to see that certain goals are accomplished? Assign individuals to each goal and hold them accountable for the progress of that goal.
After you have developed your 3 year Growth Plan, break it down into 1 year and 90 day plans. These plans will be based off of the three year plan and cite the strategy goals that are to be accomplished. You will be creating a more specific plan to accomplish strategy goals.

If goals are to be accomplished and growth is to occur, everyone needs to be rowing in the same direction.

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