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About Dr. John Garnier

John is an expert in Business Development, Corporate Division, Small Business Startups and is an International Expert in Silicon Carbide. Additionally he holds a PhD in Materials Science from Marquette University. He is the author of two books through the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, technical papers (40+), patents 11+, and more than 20+ in the pipeline related to advanced materials and advanced informational technology analysis. John’s “comfort zone” is forming technical business startups with domestic and international alliances for the benefit of his clients.

John has 35 years experience developing defense, aerospace and energy related technologies and products supporting business – client – product opportunities focused on cutting edge technologies. With a solid technical materials science, metals, ceramics and composites background, John also has corporate divisional, small business startup experience and international program leader expertise in design, development testing and use of advanced ceramic, metal and polymer composites for aerospace, missiles, directed energy, nuclear energy and armor applications. He has 18 years of corporate and small business program management leadership with PAL responsibility and IP management including domestic and international marketing and program sales experience.

John has been involved with two prior Angel-backed ventures: Cercom, Inc. and Dynamic Defense Materials Inc. Cercom is a small SBIR business connected to Triton Systems started in late 1990s and still in operation as a small business focused on specialty ceramics and composites. Dynamic Defense Systems, LLC is a firm that John was asked to join after its bankruptcy filing as VP and Marketing lead. With new owner cash venture capital infusion John led the business to new products within 9-months followed by sales to rapidly develop, manufacture and sell new armor products into the “global” market.

Earlier in his career, Dr. Garnier was the lead USA and International account/program manager for DuPont Lanxide Composites (DLC was owned by E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company, later acquired by Honeywell Brakes then GE Turbines) from 1984 to 2002. During this 18 year period John was the Industrial Program Manager on the highly successful Air Force WPAFB IHPTET and IHPRT (Integrated High Performance Turbine Engine and Rocket Technology programs respectively) encompassing all seven (7) USA turbine engine companies and four (4) USA rocket development companies which were prime hardware development customers for DLC. With GE’s purchase of the business in 2002 it had grown to over 70 staff employees with over 350 “qualified” customers worldwide receiving our custom fiber reinforced composites worldwide. Later, Dr. Garnier was involved in several small business startups involving composites, composite armor and sportswear products business prior to his joining the INL as the Armor Program Lead for the Idaho National Labs National and Homeland Security Division.

Dr. Garnier officially “retired” from the INL on Nov. 4, 2012 followed by the incorporation of Advanced Ceramic Fibers, LLC on November 5, 2012.

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