Did I Accomplish All I Wanted?


When you think about life, what do we have that comes of lasting value? Eventually, we go to the grave and the things that we acquire don’t go with us, but the memories that we leave behind and relationships with others will be long lasting. I recently had an interesting experience with one of my new clients. He’s an individual that launched a disruptive retail company that has been growing at a tremendous rate. While Nordstrom and Macy’s have been closing stores, this guy is growing with his very disruptive model. We were visiting the other day and I found out that we were second cousins.How small the world became as we realized that we both share the common heritage of a second great grandmother. In the 1850s she had migrated penniless from Europe and walked across the plains in a handcart company. As they were crossing, they got caught in an early winter snow storm in Wyoming.Nearly half the party died. She was eventually rescued by a group from the Salt Lake Valley.  While she was rescued from death, never fully recovering from the effects of frostbite, she lived long enough to have two sons. One of those boys was a common great-grandfather to this new client and myself.
We discussed how small the world becomes at times in life. You never know in our day to day routines,who we are going to run across, but with every interaction, you leave a memory, and you determine how it goes. Was it a positive? Negative? When you left that meeting together, did you leave on the note of lifting and building one another? Was there a social interaction? I encourage you to think about the goals that you have as you move through life and ponder upon moving living it with a purpose, so that when the time comes, you can reflect on it and ask yourself “did I do all the things I wanted to on my pathway?”.

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Bill Evans