Financial Planning Crafting an investment strategy requires an assessment of resources, development of objectives, analysis of choices and opportunities, and, finally, matching of those alternatives to long-term goals. It’s not an end in itself, but a means to make certain that you and your loved ones will be financially secure and that you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you have provided well for them.


Choosing an Investment Advisor
Develop a Sound Investment Plan
Long-term Financial Strategy
Ordering Your Investment Objectives

Family Finances: What’s Your Money Script?

Common Investment Mistakes
Managing an Inheritance
Active Investing: Luck vs. Skill
Make Money Consistently Through a Small Investment
Investing for Growth
Investing for Income
Investment Risk Tolerance
Your Style of Investing
Safer Way to Invest in Stocks
Behavioral Finance: Greed and Fear
When Good Fortune Comes Your Way
Managing Your Income Portfolio
Financial Planning

Even the Ultra Wealthy Need Smart Financial Planning
Wondering What to Do With Your Capital Losses? Try These Ideas
Are You Defining Items in QuickBooks Correctly?
8 Steps for Getting Out of Debt
5 Steps to Becoming a Millionaire
Analyzing the Flows in Your Financial Plan
How to Handle a Financial Windfall
5 Steps to Financial Success
Personal Finance 101
Personal Financial Statements
Tax Consequences of Borrowing
Six Keys to Wealth Building
Your Credit Report and Privacy
Getting More from Your Banker
8 Rules to Building Wealth
Capital Gains: Tax Basis
Managing Frequent Flyer Miles

Basics of Asset Allocation
Art as an Investment?
Reducing Risk: Diversified Portfolio
Revocable Living Trust
Time Management

Five Empowering Procrastination Tips
10 Terrific Time Management Tips
Say No & Find 5 Benefits That Strengthen Relationships by Using Boundaries
3 Simple Ways To A More Balanced Life
Multitasking – Productivity Killer or Time Saver?
What is Effective Time Management
Understanding the Importance of Time Managment
Winning the Time Managment Game
Top Reasons Why People Procrastinate
Steps to Great Time Management
Strategies to Convert Perfectionist Paralysis Into Productivity
Essential Stages of Change to Help Create Effective Time Choices
Tax Breaks for Education
Teaching Your Children about Wealth
Holding a Family Meeting
Teaching Children About Money
Free Money for College Students
Best Ways to Save for College
What Every Parent Should Know about Child’s Investment Income
529 Plans
Make Your Children Investors
Meeting Challenge of College Costs
College Funding: Invest vs. Borrow

Roll Over for Business Startups ROBS IRS of Tax Revenues
Four Tax-Savvy Stock Moves For 2009 and Beyond
Stock Basis Reporting on Form 1099-B in 2011
California Exclusion of 50% Gain from Sales of QSBS
Questions Prior to Purchasing Stock
When to Exercise Stock Options
Giving Away Stock Options
Cyclical Stocks: Ins and Outs
Qualified Small Business Stock

Inflation-Protected Securities
Saving Bonds of Decedent – Transferring Without Probate Administration
Bonds: A Look at Credit Ratings
Bond Risks
Municipal Bonds a Source of Untaxable Income

NYC Teachers Union Seeking Tax Revenue From Absentee Apartment Owners
IRS Going After Investors Who Buy Art Overseas
Passion Investments
Car Collections: Collectors, Investors, or Dealers Status
Debt Cancelled or Forgiven
Year End Tax Planning Suggestions Specifically for Employees
Madoff or Ponzi-Type Tax Losses
California Senate Reviews Madoff Scheme’s California Impact
Selling Gold Coins
Tax-wise Investments
Tax-conscious Investor
Securities / Real Estate Tax
Income the IRS Can’t Touch

Retirement Plan Opportunities
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