Could You Pay More to Drink Soda in Berkeley?

We all know that obesity is a problem in our country. Activists and other interested parties continue to work on ways to help curb this growing problem. Indeed, obesity is neither good for individuals or for our country. However, would creating a new tax to help fight obesity be fair? Moreover, would it even work?

Those questions might soon be answered in Berkeley, California, as the city will weigh the possibility of placing an extra tax on sugary drinks, as officials hope to cut back on this growing epidemic.

Although similar measures have been voted down in other locations, city officials will go ahead with their plan to put the measure on the ballot later this year. The decision comes in part because of the results of a recent survey in which the majority of 500 likely voters reportedly favored the move. Meantime, according to reports, politicians in San Francisco are also considering a similar measure.

Although such measures mean well, as they aim to reduce the public’s consumption of junk food and unhealthy drinks, generally voters have not passed these kinds of bills. Even though the goal behind this measure may be an altruistic one, it would still create an additional tax for which families and individuals would have to foot the bill.

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