Top Pros and Cons of Working for a Startup

More Work – If you love to work long hours with little free time then this isn’t a con, but let’s face it, everyone needs a good break. However, one of the downsides to working for a startup is that you can expect long hours. In fact, for some, the workweek can become endless and work essentially becomes your life.

Less Pay – We all work for money. Sure, causes are great and you should find satisfaction in your career, but everyone has to get paid. When you work for a startup, however, you can usually expect to be paid less even though you work more.

Lack of Job Security – Another downside to the startup path is job security. While it’s customary to keep a job for years when you work for a large corporation when you work for a startup you have a much smaller chance of staying the course. The simple fact is 75 percent of all startups fail. That means your chance of job survival is only 25 percent.

Less Stability – If you love change then this isn’t a problem, but if you enjoy a little stability in life then you should know that change is constant with a startup. That means your roles, your responsibilities, and your job titles could constantly be in flux. Just when you’re getting comfortable in one role, you might have to adjust to a new one.

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Bill Evans