Changes in Healthcare

About Dennis Wolfe

Dennis Wolfe began his insurance career in 1976 and quickly gravitated to the rapidly developing small group benefits market. Almost immediately he wrote the benefit plan for a large interstate restaurant chain. From there he wrote the benefits for a Fortune 500 company. That followed with a total revamping of a major international law firm which broke the precedent for how all independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield state affiliates do business across state lines. In 1986, Dennis wrote his book on true health care cost-delivery reform. Published in 1991 it is entitled, “The Sick Solution – A Prescription for National Health”. His book foretold of the exact problems that exist today in the health care cost-delivery reform.

Dennis has an impressive background of community commitment – winning a national award in 1976 for creating the concept of what we now know today as community health fairs, serving five years as President of the USO of Northern California, having the rare distinction of a Supreme Court decision in CA when he sued a local city and won.

His most recent venture is Healthcare Claims Consulting, LLC, a website designed to help consumers understanding the complexity of the healthcare cost-delivery system.Dennis can be contacted at