Avoid Tax Audit Tips 4, 5, 6 (of 10)

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https://groco.com/article/avoid-tax-audit-tips-4-5-6-of-10/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=avoid-tax-audit-tips-4-5-6-of-10 Avoid Tax Audit, Tips 4, 5, & 6 (of 10) From our series of the top 10 ways to avoid a tax audit, we thought we would go into greater detail as to how our list was created and delve into each suggestion.  Today we will address the top three tips from our article…

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Three Ways to Avoid Tax Audits, Expanded

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https://groco.com/article/three-ways-to-avoid-tax-audits-expanded/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=three-ways-to-avoid-tax-audits-expanded From our series of the top 10 ways to avoid a tax audit, we though we would go into greater detail about the first three tips.  More to follow… We’ll explain how our list was created and expand upon each suggestion.  The list was created by culling together various lists from various experts.  For…

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5 Ways to Make Paying Taxes Stress-Free


April 15. Tax Day. Does this day strike fear into your heart as you worry about paying taxes? Maybe you are unsure exactly how to pay taxes correctly and don’t know how to find out. People often pay consultants to do their taxes for them. Getting a consultant is always an option, but sometimes money…

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Valuable Business Etiquette – 7 Tips to Change Your Work Life


In the business world, there are several expectations in dress, speech, and behavior. For someone getting an office job for the first time or working more with managers, it can be embarrassing when you do something out of place or say something considered inappropriate in a particular setting. These tips on business etiquette will help…

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The Importance of Balancing Work and Home Life


There is an overarching motive to become successful in your work and career. To be ranked the best student, make the most money you can in your job, and have a large home. In short, to be better off than your neighbor. However, these aspirations can lead to false expectations of life and even drive…

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10 Ways to Avoid a Tax Audit

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https://groco.com/article/10-ways-to-avoid-a-tax-audit/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=10-ways-to-avoid-a-tax-audit 10 Ways to Avoid a Tax Audit We have culled together multiple lists to identify the top 10 ways to avoid a tax audit.  We will list our top 10 at the bottom of the article.  If you’ve never been audited by the IRS, you’re likely doing a lot of things correct. However, if…

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3 Planning and Organizational Hacks


Life is full of so many different opportunities, tasks, and appointments. It can be easy to let it all get overwhelming and out of order. Your life can change as you implement these 3 planning and organizational hacks!   Write it down   Humans are forgetful. And that is okay! David Allen says, “Your mind…

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5 Ways to be a Better Problem Solver

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5 Ways to be a Better Problem Solver   When you are faced with a challenge, what do you do? Some shy away or ignore difficulties. But, learning how to be a problem solver is absolutely essential for any line of work, and in all areas of your life. Whether you are facing challenges in…

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