10 Steps for TikTok Marketing

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https://groco.com/article/10-steps-for-tiktok-marketing/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=10-steps-for-tiktok-marketing TikTok is one of the largest and fastest growing social media apps on the market today. Investing time in growing your following on TikTok has had huge returns for influencers and comapnies. Here’s 10 good rules to follow by to market successfully on TikTok. 1. Research your audience: Who are you trying to reach…

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Space as a Service (SPaaS) the Next Great Frontier

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https://groco.com/article/space-as-a-service-spaas-the-next-great-frontier/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=space-as-a-service-spaas-the-next-great-frontier Monetize space? Well, yes – many believe that space as a service (SPaaS) is the next great business frontier. On Thursday February 10th, four tiny NASA-funded satellites were lost on their way to space. These small experimental devices, called cube-sats, had been launched to cheers, especially by employees of Astra Space, whose craft flung…

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How Can You Become a More Trustworthy Person?

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     Being a trustworthy person is a trait that is often appreciated and sought out for not just in ordinary aspects of life, but in relationships and job occupations. Trust is essential to “building and maintaining mutually respectful relationships” (Healy). Trust is not always something easily acted upon or exhibited, thus making it valuable.…

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5 Ways to Make Paying Taxes Stress-Free

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April 15. Tax Day. Does this day strike fear into your heart as you worry about paying taxes? Maybe you are unsure exactly how to pay taxes correctly and don’t know how to find out. People often pay consultants to do their taxes for them. Getting a consultant is always an option, but sometimes money…

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Valuable Business Etiquette – 7 Tips to Change Your Work Life

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In the business world, there are several expectations in dress, speech, and behavior. For someone getting an office job for the first time or working more with managers, it can be embarrassing when you do something out of place or say something considered inappropriate in a particular setting. These tips on business etiquette will help…

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The Importance of Balancing Work and Home Life

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There is an overarching motive to become successful in your work and career. To be ranked the best student, make the most money you can in your job, and have a large home. In short, to be better off than your neighbor. However, these aspirations can lead to false expectations of life and even drive…

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How to Be A Great Leader

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A leader can make or break a team. Even if each group member or team member is exceptionally talented, they will be divided and unorganized in their efforts without leadership. Leadership skills and qualities can benefit life at home, life in the workplace, and even extra-curricular activities. Strong leaders are inspiring, empowering, and positive. If…

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10 Lessons to Change Your Life and Change the World


Many have heard Admiral William H. McRaven’s famous speech entitled, “Make Your Bed.” He also took his ideas from this speech and wrote the best-selling book, “Make Your Bed.” In it, Admiral McRaven discusses ten life lessons learned from his experiences in his life serving in the Navy. These lessons have changed my life, and…

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