Avoid Tax Audit Tips 4, 5, 6 (of 10)

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https://groco.com/article/avoid-tax-audit-tips-4-5-6-of-10/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=avoid-tax-audit-tips-4-5-6-of-10 Avoid Tax Audit, Tips 4, 5, & 6 (of 10) From our series of the top 10 ways to avoid a tax audit, we thought we would go into greater detail as to how our list was created and delve into each suggestion.  Today we will address the top three tips from our article…

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Three Ways to Avoid Tax Audits, Expanded

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https://groco.com/article/three-ways-to-avoid-tax-audits-expanded/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=three-ways-to-avoid-tax-audits-expanded From our series of the top 10 ways to avoid a tax audit, we though we would go into greater detail about the first three tips.  More to follow… We’ll explain how our list was created and expand upon each suggestion.  The list was created by culling together various lists from various experts.  For…

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Get Involved: Top 3 Charities That Help the Homeless.

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Perhaps one of the largest social issues in the United States is that of homelessness. It is a complex issue that is easier talked about than taken care of. As of 2017, 553,742 people are experiencing being homeless on a given night (National Alliance… 2022). Although that number is the lowest it has ever been,…

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3 Popular Travel Destinations that Won’t Break the Bank

travel destinations

The term “travel destinations” is both exciting and depressing. Of course, traveling somewhere new or foreign is something to look forward to and get excited about. However, there is always the depressing notion of costs looming behind that excitement. Luckily, there are amazing places that won’t break one’s bank. South Asian countries like Thailand, and…

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What is Self-Reliance and How Do You Cultivate it?


Self-reliance is an incredible skill to have. Author Benjamin Spall describes self-reliance as “trusting in your abilities to get through the challenges of life on the back of your own resourcefulness. It refers to your ability to provide for yourself (and oftentimes, defend against your enemies) without the need for outside help.” When I think…

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How Can You Become a More Trustworthy Person?


     Being a trustworthy person is a trait that is often appreciated and sought out for not just in ordinary aspects of life, but in relationships and job occupations. Trust is essential to “building and maintaining mutually respectful relationships” (Healy). Trust is not always something easily acted upon or exhibited, thus making it valuable.…

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5 Ways to Make Paying Taxes Stress-Free


April 15. Tax Day. Does this day strike fear into your heart as you worry about paying taxes? Maybe you are unsure exactly how to pay taxes correctly and don’t know how to find out. People often pay consultants to do their taxes for them. Getting a consultant is always an option, but sometimes money…

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5 Healthy Habits of Happy People

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Have you wondered what you can do to bring more joy into your life? Perhaps you have arrived at this moment in your life and wonder why you don’t feel as much satisfaction with your life. As important as it is to work hard and progress in life, it is vital to take care of…

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