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Can You Really Get Paid to Travel to Virgin Islands This Year?

Who doesn’t love a good vacation? Whether you need a break after the rigors of filing this year’s taxes, or you just want to get away for some good old rest and relaxation, taking a vacation is always a good idea. And when you count yourself amongst the wealthiest people in the world, of course, you have a lot of choices in vacation destinations. In fact, you can head to just about anywhere in the world you want to go. However, if you don’t have any specific plans in mind already and you’re looking for the perfect place to spend a few days, you might want to consider the Virgin Islands this year, at least for one of your getaways.

Added Bonus for Vacationing in Paradise

Of course, the Virgin Islands are a great place to visit no matter the reason. With beautiful waters, sunny skies and relaxing beaches, what’s not to like? This year, though, there is another good reason to go to the Virgin Islands. The U.S. territory is actually offering to pay visitors to come and take a vacation in this island paradise. You still have to pay to get there, and for your hotel expenses if you don’t already own a home there, but the territory is going to give something back to anyone who stays at least three nights on St. John, St. Thomas or St. Croix throughout the entire year of 2017.

Celebrating an Anniversary

That’s because, in honor of the 100-year anniversary of Denmark selling the Virgin Islands to the United States, the territory is going to give all visitors that stay for three nights or more $300, in the form of a spending credit. You can then use that credit for activities all over the islands, like tours, museum visits, and kayaking trips, among other things. Three hundred dollars might not seem like much, but free money is free money. There are a couple of other stipulations you need to be aware of if you plan to take advantage of this offer.

Know Before You Go

First, you must book your vacation before October 1 and your trip has to be for the year 2017. You also need to be sure you stay at one of the participating hotels in the area in order to qualify for the spending credit. Lastly, you need to make sure you book your trip through the Virgin Island’s tourism website. Just click here to access the site and then use the booking code CP1. So, if you’re looking for the perfect place to go this year and you need an extra reason to choose the Virgin Islands, there you have it. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy all that this gorgeous island paradise has to offer. No matter how you decide to spend your extra $300, you definitely won’t mind spending a little time in the Virgin Islands a vacation getaway.

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