Can a Trust Help You Save on State Income Taxes?

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Of course, when it comes to lowering taxes almost all taxpayers first and foremost focus on taxes at the federal level. There are of course many ways to save on federal income taxes and the majority of taxes we all pay go to the federal government. So it makes sense that most taxpayers put the lion’s share of their tax-saving efforts towards their federal tax bill. However, depending on which state you live in you could save a nice chunk on your state income tax as well.

There is a certain tax-saving strategy that has been growing in popularity the past few years among the wealthy. They are using trusts to help reduce their exposure to state income tax rates. Incomplete gift non-grantor trusts (ING trusts) can help transfer the tax exposure of those who live in high-tax states like California to a state with no income tax like Texas, Florida or Nevada.

Many of the nation’s wealthy families and individuals who have been using this ING trust strategy, which has grown in popularity over the last 10 years, are reaping the rewards. That’s because ING trusts can help the wealthy lower the state income tax at the trust level. This is especially true if they are nearing a substantial gain.

However, it’s important for anyone setting up an ING trust to do it before there is any intent, or letter or sales discussion that would lead to a given gain. You don’t want it to look like you are setting up the trust simply to avoid taxes. For more information on ING trusts contact GROCO.

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