California Comes Out on Top of Estimated Tax Revenue

Who says California isn’t doing well financially? When it comes to taxes, it appears that the Golden State is doing just fine. California is definitely one of the worst locations to live if you want to keep your tax bill low. With the latest report from the state’s Controller, Betty Yee, it’s no wonder that taxpayers wonder why they lose so much money to the government.

According to recent reports, the month of February was a very good month for the state treasury. That’s because Ms. Yee reported that California beat it’s tax revenue for the month of February by about $1 billion. In fact, the state received about $6.6 billion in total tax revenue in February, which beat Governor Jerry Brown’s estimates by close to 18 percent.

Of that amount, $2.6 billion came from tax receipts from personal income taxes. That was 26 percent more than expected. Meantime, taxes for retail and use were up about 16 percent. As for the fiscal year, revenue for the general fund is already 1.4 percent higher than forecasted.

While the news is good for the state, the extra money could be gone fast. That’s because with all the extra cash, many expect that democratic lawmakers will encourage the governor to increase spending.

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