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Bus Improve Social Skill

9 Powerful Ways to Improve Social Skill
Author: Peter Murphy
Updated: 10/17/12

Conflict in a relationship is literally inevitable. Social conflicts in your work, family, or even personal relationships of the heart can be avoided if you improve social skill. However, poor communication can lead to disagreements and misunderstandings.

The stronger the relationship can get, the happier the future. But how can we get strong relationships to lead us to a happier future? You can attain stronger relationships in only one way and that is by improving your social skill.

The best ways to improve social skill:

1. Effective communication leads to a better understanding of and better interaction with your fellowmen. Though this may get difficult and take a little more of your extra time, you will benefit from it eventually.

2. Stay focused in group situations, whether it be in conferences at work or even just a simple talk with your friends. Try to focus on what is being discussed rather than bring up past discussions. You can be more productive when you try talking about new ideas rather than topics which had been discussed before.

3. Listening carefully to the subject matter at hand will lead you to a deeper understanding of the topic. Some people intend to listen but somehow their minds are caught up with something else. Some people may try to prevent you from paying attention while listening because they tend to blurt out their thoughts even before the speaker finishes expressing his opinion. Try to listen wholeheartedly and you will end up being more knowledgeable about the subject at hand.

4. Always try to understand the point of view of the speaker, rather than focusing on just your own. Most people want to be heard and understood. Try to put yourself on the receiving end of the message and see how you would feel if you were talking and nobody seems to listen to your words. Receiving facts from the speaker with wholehearted acceptance will result in a complete understanding of his message.

5. When people try to criticize your point of view, try to understand them as well. Have empathy for your listeners as much as possible. It is very important to be thankful for people, regardless of how they might react, and to respond with grace. At least you know they are listening to you.

6. Show maturity during discussions. Do not let immature reactions from other people get in the way of the way you think. Admitting your faults will set up a good example for others and may inspire them to respond in the same way as you did. When you take responsibility for your actions, you can make that a strength, not a weakness.

7. Refrain from blaming others for their mistakes. In the end, you will be fostering better understanding between you and your peers.

8. Instead of trying to win every argument, try to find solutions to meet the needs of all. You could compromise with others or find new solutions that will give everyone what they want in the end. Eventually, people will follow your way of thinking if it is the right one.

9. Never give up when you know you are right though. Some discussions require mutual respect between you and the people you talk to. Other discussions may end up with you losing, but when you know you are in the right, fight for your point of view.

These steps are very important to follow because by going through the process of following them, you are honing your social skills. Ultimately, you will find that you are progressing as you attempt to improve social skill.

About the Author:
Peter Murphy is a peak performance expert. He recently produced a very popular free report: 10 Simple Steps to Developing Communication Confidence.

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