Building Stronger Structures and Character | Bradley Bateman

About Bradley Bateman

CEO Bradley Bateman has extensive history with Dome Technology. Many years ago prior to starting his engineering degree, he worked for the company as a member of the dome construction crew. As a laborer “I really fell in love with the process and the product and have been an advocate ever since,” he said.

Prior to becoming CEO of Dome Technology Bateman worked for Engineering System Solutions (ES2), the company that provides engineering for Dome Technology projects. In his role as engineering project manager, Bateman led a team integrating design from conception to completion. While working as an engineer, he assisted in nurturing customer relationships during the construction process and through the full spectrum of engineering—automation, structural, mechanical, and electrical.

Bateman’s experience in both construction and engineering is uncommon in the industry, lending him a unique perspective as CEO. Through his leadership, the company continues to expand its influence on domestic and international markets. Dome Technology has constructed nearly 600 domes in over 30 countries at elevations exceeding 2-miles in the Rocky Mountains, in the remote reaches and cold of northern Quebec, in the extreme heat of Iraq, and along ports and waterways reaching as far north as the Baltic Sea.

Bateman earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from University of Idaho and a master’s degree in structural engineering from Brigham Young University. Originally from Star Valley, Wyoming, he and his wife Michelle have four children and live in Idaho Falls.