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Best 2018 Work From Home Jobs

Do you have extra free time you wish you could turn into extra money? As times are changing, so are the ways to earn money! If you area stay at home mom or dad, between jobs, retired,or could just use a little extra coin, work-at-home opportunities are growing exponentially. There are many work-from-home jobsout there andeach job differsbased on skill and experience. With a computer and some motivation, you could turn your free-time into a second income.

Although there are many legitimate work-from-home jobs, there are also an overwhelming amount of illegitimate,scam-based advertisements for work-from-home jobs. It is important to keep your wits about you while you search for the right work-from-home job.

Here are some different work-from-home jobs that can turn your free time into money time:

Freelance Writing
There is—and always will be—a strong demand for good writing. Freelance writing can be a wonderful opportunity for those who have strong writing skills.

Many businesses are now searching externally for writers and compensation can be competitive. Withfreelance writers being paid byarticle ofwork,freelance writing also offers good flexibility and independence. As afreelancewriteryou canchoose how often you work and for whom you write.

There are no material requirements to become a freelance writer, although some companies mayrequest a sample article or two. It may be a good idea to practice before agreeing to write your first piece for a client. You can practice with sample memo prompts and can do article reviewsfor practice. The best way to start is to speak with a freelance writer andask questions!

Virtual Assistant
Are you organized? Do you have a strong attention to detail? Strong coordination skills? Well perhaps becoming a Virtual Assistant is the perfect side hustle for you. Virtual assistants provide service to entrepreneurs, bloggers, writers, and employees of many otherbusinesses.With the internet revolutionizing the way wework, virtual assistants are becoming more popular. These remote assistants handle tasks likeanswering and sending emails, organizing calendars, and other administrative matters.

A perk of the job is that virtual assistants can work from wherever and often whenever. Being a virtual assistant can alsogive insight to all different types of businesses and industries.

This position also offers compensation from minimum wage to six figure incomes. Many virtual assistant jobs can be found online, or through referral.

Transcription is an occupation that has been around for centuries. If you are proficient at typing, producing transcripts could be a great gig for you.

As a transcriptionist the responsibilities are easy, simply transcribe video or voice recordings. For this job, employees are either paid by the hour or by the recorded minute. Generally this job can be done from anywhere. Also individuals can control how much work they want to take on.

Transcriptionist jobs can be found on the internet, locally, or through referral. Individuals who are fluent in more than one language are especially sought after and can earnevenhigher compensation.

Customer Service Representative
Customer Service Representatives are always in demand. If you are kind, patient, and helpful, with minimal training you couldbecome a customer service representative.

There are all types of companies now hiring remote customer service representatives. As a customer service rep you will be tasked with assisting customers with basic troubleshooting issues. This is a job that requireslittle particularskillor expertise. If you enjoy helping people, this is the perfect work-at-home job for you. This position offers lower compensation ($8-$15/hour) hasfrequentdowntime, as assisting customers is done on need-basis.

Amazon/eBay Reseller
Over recent years, a hot trend for those wishing to work when they chose is retail arbitrage. Withsites like Amazon and eBay, retail arbitrage entrepreneurs have been more successful than you might imagine. Retail arbitrage is buying highly demanded items in local markets, for discount price, and selling these items on platforms like Amazon, eBay,andCraigslist. The concept is easier said than done. Popularplaces for sourcing items are thrift stores, flea markets, discount department stores, and more. Donation and discount stores allowentrepreneurs toresell items on very high margins.The key is finding profitable items. All that’s required to begin your own retail arbitrage business is a cell-phone, a small amount of capital ($100-$250), and an eBay or Amazon seller account.

Retail arbitrage is an activity thousands are participating in today and there are dozens of guides and tutorials for how to get started. Furthermore, there are a plethora of cellular apps designed to help you source profitableitems. The best way to learn the business of retail arbitrage is to go out and try it!You can learn more about becoming an Amazon/eBay seller at services.amazon.com, and eBay.com.

Start your own business!
If retail arbitrage is not in your interest, you can also try to turn one of your talents into a business. Many people take advantage of sites like eBay and Amazon to sell home-made products. From artistic products to homemade inventions, there are thousands of homemade products sold on eBay and Amazon for profit. Producing and selling homemade products is now cheaper than ever thanks to Amazon and eBay. If you have a passion or hobby, you could have a business—the internet is a very powerful thing. You canlearn more about becoming an Amazon/eBay seller at services.amazon.com, and eBay.com.You can learn more about becoming an Amazon/eBay seller at services.amazon.com, and eBay.com.

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