Becoming Involved

About Raj Salwan

Raj Salwan is a City Councilmember, successful small business owner, husband and proud father. He has given back to the community by serving on boards and volunteering for organizations dedicated to helping seniors, children, workers and employers.

Councilmember Salwan has focused his time on the City Council to recruit new businesses to Fremont and ensure that existing businesses grow their companies here. He has worked to use the City’s economic tools, such as tax exemptions, to keep Fremont an attractive city for employers.

Councilmember Salwan has also successfully worked to fully fund our police and fire departments, so they have the resources they need to keep our neighborhoods safe. He believes in strengthening the partnership better the City and the police and fire departments to ensure residents are getting the best service and show that Fremont has a zero tolerance for crime.

He has also prioritized expanding services for seniors and deepening the City’s involvement in our schools by collaborating with teachers and administrators.

Following his love for animals, Councilmember Salwan has developed his professional career as a leader in veterinary medicine. He owns and runs AllCare Veterinary Hospital, works as a Veterinarian with TriCity Veterinary Hospital, and is a longtime member of the California Veterinary Medical Association and American Animal Hospital Association.

Councilmember Salwan’s long track record of community service includes serving as Fremont Planning Commissioner, Chairperson for the Tri-Cities Democratic Forum, Chairperson of the Chamber of Commerce, Chairperson of the Fremont Human Relations Commission, Board of Directors for Adobe Services and Kidango, an organization that helps disadvantaged children, associate member of the Fremont Education Foundation and Citizen Watchdog Committee member at the Alameda County Transportation Commission.

Councilmember Salwan grew up in Fremont. He is a product of Fremont public schools having attended elementary, junior high and high school here. He attended University of California, Irvine and studied Biological Sciences, and a received a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Summa Cum Laude) from Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Councilmember Salwan is raising his three children, who also attend Fremont public schools, here with his wife. He is also a published columnist and avid reader.