How Can You Become a More Trustworthy Person?

     Being a trustworthy person is a trait that is often appreciated and sought out for not just in ordinary aspects of life, but in relationships and job occupations. Trust is essential to “building and maintaining mutually respectful relationships” (Healy). Trust is not always something easily acted upon or exhibited, thus making it valuable. For one looking to become more trustworthy, there are actions that can be followed to do so. It is not always easy to become a trustworthy person, but by being consistent and putting in the effort, it can be achieved more often than not. Below are some steps one can follow to become more trustworthy.  


     The first, as mentioned above, is being consistent. It is easier to trust someone who is dependable and accountable. The next is transparency. Honesty and not hiding things can create stronger relationships and characters that build upon trust (Caballero). Someone who is trustworthy can exhibit under-promising. This can mean that one does not commit to things they cannot promise, and are more straightforward and honest in their actions and words (Boogaard). Another quality of being trustworthy, is being able to forge relationships that are positive and beneficial. Being a good friend, client, boss, employee, sister, etc will encourage trust between all persons involved (Boogaard). Other important recognized qualities are, “being empathetic, accessible, approachable, respectful, attentive, and humble” (Healy)


     There are things to avoid when trying to become a trustworthy person. Actions and words that hinder trust are things like dishonesty, hiding things, being unkind or unfeeling, and being selfish. Trust is a firm belief in reliability, truth, and the ability of someone or something. For each action there is an opposite that can benefit or hurt the ability to be trustworthy.



Authored by Dayton Dempsey