ARTICLE: Trust Your Tax Return to the Professionals


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Trust Your Tax Return to the Professionals

Every year many thousands of modest, honest and hardworking US citizens discover they owe the IRS still more money upon completion of their tax returns.  It’s a lousy feeling. Now imagine, instead of owing hundreds or thousands of dollars, you owe hundreds of millions of dollars in unpaid taxes? How would that feel?

That’s exactly what happened to one Colorado woman. Upon completion of her return she stared in disbelief and horror at the amount of taxes owed, $216,399,508. The taxpayer in question is a part-time worker who makes about $10 an hour at a thrift store. The woman decided to prepare her own taxes and used Turbo Tax, a popular tax software application.

Because of a glitch in the IRS software, Turbo Tax made an error related to the woman’s federal taxable income.

The company did confirm the error on its part and it’s working to resolve the issue. According to reports, there were several taxpayers in Colorado who experienced similar issues.

Preparing your own taxes can save you some money. But in these cases, not time nor peace of mind.  Having an experienced tax professional and accounting firm do you tax preparation for you is always a good idea, particularly if your tax or financial situation is complicated.  If you have a complicated tax issue, we suggest contacting your current expert tax prepare.  

If however, you’re in the market for a new trusted family office or tax advisor, we never sell investments, please consider contacting us here at  Unfortunately, we no longer give advice to other tax professionals.  


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