ARTICLE: Trump Proposes to Cut Payroll Taxes to 0%

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This week, President Trump pitched cutting the payroll tax to 0% for both employees and employers through the end of the year. There’s also some discussion of making the change permanent.

The intent of the cut is to stimulate the economy in the wake of the corona virus outbreak and oil price war.  

What does this mean for you and me? Well, if it passes, we all get a big increase in our take home pay. The current payroll tax rate is 15.3%, however, the IRS has thankfully shifted half of that tax burden to the employer. That left each individual in the country with a 7.65% deduction from their paycheck.

Who wins under this proposal? Everyone of course, especially independent contractors and business owners as they will be affected most. If the tax is permanently removed, the federal government will have to find some other means to fund Social Security and Medicare- which, by the way, are already dangerously underfunded.

So, as enticing as this idea sounds, is a permanent reduction or elimination of the payroll tax a good idea? Whatever the answer, nobody ever complains about receiving a pay raise. 

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Bill Evans