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ArticlesBusiness and leadershipAre You Practicing These Important Leadership Skills?

Are You Practicing These Important Leadership Skills?

Are You Practicing These Important Leadership Skills?

Imagine if you had the greatest tool in the world but you never used it. What good would that do you? Obviously, the tool would be useless. Now imagine you’re in a very important leadership position, with many significant responsibilities. You worked hard and learned several valuable leadership skills to help you and your company succeed. But now, you don’t ever use them. What good are all those leadership skills? Essentially, you’ve reduced yourself to someone with the title of leader. But your leadership ability is really non-existent.

Five Leadership Moves You Can’t Forget

Great leaders have many qualities, but unless they remember to use them, they aren’t worth much. So ask yourself: Are you using all of your leadership skills? Here are five common things that leaders do that help them become great leaders. But sometimes, even leaders forget what got them there. So make sure you’re doing these five things so those you lead will continue to follow

Share Common Goals

your company has certain values and success measures. But great leaders create and share common goals with their teams. They understand how to align their team members’ goals with the company’s objectives. When every team member has the same goal and purpose as the company, then everyone wins.

Empower Your Team Members

all leaders have power, but great leaders are able to give up that power in order to help their team members grow. In other words, they empower their team members and they trust them to get the results they seek. If you’re not giving up some of your power to your team members then you’re missing out on one of the best ways to help them, and your company.

Praise Your Team Members

great leaders recognize their team members’ successes. Everyone likes to achieve results. And we all love to receive praise for a job well done. The problem is many times leaders forget to point out their team members’ good work and give them the recognition they deserve. Great leaders take the time to recognize and applaud achievements and success. Team members remember those moments. And those moments usually motivate them to even greater success. Always remember to show your appreciation for a job well done.

Create a Safe Environment

have you ever worked for a boss who was a terrible leader? Did you feel safe going to work? Did it feel like you were walking on pins and needles? Working in an unsafe environment is never enjoyable and it’s difficult to be successful in this situation. That’s another thing great leaders do. They create a sense of safety and trust. When you feel safe you can be yourself and you can do your best work. So as a leader, make sure you help everyone feel safe and respected.

Increase Opportunities for Growth

lastly, great leaders create more opportunities for their team members to learn and grow. They inspire them to go
further and achieve their greatest potential. They help their team members learn and grow and become leaders themselves. They never lose site of the fact that their team members want to be their best, as well.

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