American Dreams – Creating Jobs For America

December 30, 2011
Dickson Buxton responds to the poor unemployment rate that is currently present in America. Over his career he has managed billions in private equity capital in companies that have created over tens of thousands of jobs.

About the Guest

Dickson Buxton is Senior Managing Director of Private Capital Corporation. In 1976, Dickson Buxton co-founded Private Capital Corporation, and shortly thereafter, made a decision that would broaden his horizons. He decided to serve on an early ESOP company board with Lou Kelso, creator of the ESOP concept. The two hit it off and in 1978 PCC acquired the Kelso Company. The firm opened offices in five cities and in 1979 PCC formed Kelso Investment Associates, one of the nation’s first private equity groups.

Also in 1978, Dick realized a milestone by co-founding the ESOP Association of America. Later, PCC sold the Kelso subsidiary to better focus on other capabilities — perpetuation strategies, exit strategies and planning for private companies. In 1987 he co-founded MBR Investment Associates, another private equity group. In the decades to follow, PCC associates and affiliates have designed and installed over 1,000 ESOPs as part of succession plans and the company has remained one of the nation’s most experienced firms in this field.

In addition to numerous articles in professional journals, Dick has written two books: “You’ve Built a Successful Business: Now What? A Guide to Perpetuating Your Business” and “Lessons in Leadership & Life, Secrets of Eleven Wise Men.”