Updated May 21, 2021   As we begin to exit the pandemic, are you looking to grow or enhance your leadership skills this year? If so, it is vital to have a plan as no one can expect to become a better leader just by showing up every day. Here are some important things to focus on in 2021. These leadership tips are what some of the top leaders have already done for years.


Start by evaluating the leadership skills you already have. You can do this by assessing your leadership behavior and asking, “What type of leader am I? Do I dominate those I lead, or do I try to influence? Do I lead with compassion or do I ignore others’ problems and concerns? Do I boss others, or do I give clear direction and positive reinforcement?”  Come up with a list of the skills you’d like to keep and hone, then jot them down on a list for future reference.

Eliminate Ineffective Habits

Now that you know the skills you would like to keep, you probably also know some you would like to eliminate from your leadership behavior.  To get rid of bad habits that aren’t serving you, choose from the list of new habits you want to develop and work on them. In addition, it pays to identify your role models for the coming year and then do what you can to mimic their leadership behaviors.

Great Leadership Skills to Develop

Here is a list of some of the best Leadership skills identified from around the web.

Interpersonal Communication
Problem Solving
Time management
Conflict Resolution
Strategic Thinking

Leadership Skills Plan

Here is our three-step leadership skill plan:

  1. Choose a strength you already have and make it stronger.
  2. Pinpoint a weakness you want to improve on or a skill you don’t yet have (the above list may help) and work at it.
  3. Lastly, choose a leadership skill you can share with those you lead and then teach them how to develop this skill.  Like most goals, sharing it with someone aids us in sticking to our plan. And if a little of this leadership skill rubs off on the person, or persons, with whom we share it, the better!

There has never been a greater need for strong, effective, and compassionate leadership.  By periodically reviewing and repeating these steps, your leadership skills will grow in number and improvement, as will the leadership skills of those you lead.

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