Add These Leadership Moves to Your To-Do List for 2019


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Are you looking to grow or enhance your leadership skills this year? If you are, then you need to have a plan. You can’t expect to become a better leader just by showing up every day. There are some things you should be focused on if you want to become a better leader in 2019. These leadership tips are what some of the top leaders are already doing. 

Start by evaluating your leadership skills. You can do this by assessing your leadership behavior. What type of leader are you? Do you dominate those you lead, or do you try to influence? Do you lead with compassion or do you ignore others’ problems and concerns. Do you boss people, or do you give clear direction and positive reinforcement? 

Another thing to evaluate as you start this New Year is your willpower. How much do you have? Have you formed good habits that have a positive influence on your life? Or, are your daily habits the result of a weak mind? 

Speaking of habits, decide to get rid of a bad habit that isn’t serving you. At the same time, choose new habits you want to develop and work on them. In addition, it pays to identify your role models for the coming year and then do what you can to mimic them. 

Choose a strength you already have and make it stronger. Pinpoint a weakness you want to improve on and work at it. Lastly, choose a leadership skill you can share with those you lead and then teach them how to develop this skill. 


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Bill Evans