Add these 4 must reads to your list!

  1. How To Win Friends and Influence People

This article won’t be the first to tell you How To Win Friends and Influence People can change your life. Dale Carnegie writes, “the only book you need to lead you to success in his novel.” It is more than an easy read; it is a journey that will allow you to self-analyze and improve. While some books solely motivate us (only to leave us frustrated when the know-how is missing), this book will inspire you and teach you how to be the person you want to become. With real-life and simple principles to follow, this book will improve your relationships, help you become a leader, and make your life just that much better. 

  1. How Successful People Lead

This small but mighty book is packed with the facts you need to know to be an influential leader. In about 100 small pages, the author of all things success, John C. Maxwell, shares his contagious passion for leading to everyone who will open his book. The words in this book will change you and your surroundings from the inside out and leave you leading in a way better than you thought possible!

For more leadership skills, check out “3 Hacks to become a better leader.” 

  1. The Slight Edge

The phrase “The Slight Edge” will be ringing in your ears beginning the minute you open this book. Jeff Olsen writes in a way that could spark motivation in the most unexpected places. Whether you want to improve your health, education, family life, business, or much more, this book is the path to self-betterment and improvement. After implementing the small and simple, you will feel capable of more than you know. The Slight Edge will do more than motivate you; it will change you if you let it. 

  1. The Happiness Advantage 

With shelves filled with studies on finance, business, or technology, there is sometimes no room for studying happiness. But it is one topic that will majorly benefit every aspect of your life and can be crucial to your wellbeing. With real-life studies and experiments, Shawn Achor will show you what you can do to find tangible and happy success in your life. He will change your perspective on true happiness, and you will be ready to achieve it. 


Whether you consider yourself a reader or not, these four books are for you! Open the book, read some pages, and begin your journey to success. 


-Written by Hannah Judd