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Our Mission

In an increasingly complex and difficult world, we hope to help you find your personal path in life and build a strong foundation by learning how others found success and happiness. True and sustainable success and happiness are different for each individual, but possible despite personal challenges. Our mission at MyPaths.com is to provide resources and firsthand accounts of how others found their paths in life, so you can do the same.

How It All Began

In 2011, Alan Olsen, CPA, was the Managing Partner of Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen & Co., LLP (GROCO), a regional CPA, Family Office, Tax & Advisory firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Alan's clientele included venture capitalists (VC), so he received a lot of requests for introductions and information about funding startups. He truly wanted to help these aspiring entrepreneurs, many of whom had scarce resources but great potential. However, he had to find a way to help that was also convenient and acceptable to his VC clients.

Alan's solution was to start The American Dreams Radio Show, Find Your Path in Life, where he'd interview established VC's to explain about startups and what they were, and were not interested in funding. GROCO became the official sponsor and both Alan and the interview guests donated 100% of their time, making it a labor of love and, a way to give back to the community. This same altruistic spirit continues today.

Interviews are now filmed, posted on YouTube and the American Dreams Show continues to grow, over 1 million Facebook likes and over 26 million views and counting! Not all the interviews remain business centric, guests now include thought leaders and influencers. Therefore, it was determined that GROCO.com would contain primarily business-related content, and MyPaths.com would contain all content. After all, the interviews are all about how the guests successfully found their path in life!

We sincerely thank GROCO for their support, Alan for his inspiration, and all the guests for generously giving their time. Without you, the American Dreams Show and MyPaths.com would not be possible. And we suspect, there would be a lot fewer successful entrepreneurs and a lot fewer individuals building their own strong foundations to find their paths in life!


Success & Happiness

True and sustainable success and happiness are both elusive and different for each individual; although they’re generally centred around those we love. Once we’ve built the foundation of who we are and determined where we ultimately want to be, we can put a plan into place to get us there. Provided we’re honest with ourselves about our foundation, our ultimate goal, and what true success and happiness really mean (hint, it’s rarely about wealth).

MyPaths.com was created to help you do just that. Every interview and story contain something that has already helped someone else reach success, happiness, or both. Perhaps you’ll find that one key idea or thought that leads to your true, sustainable success and happiness.