3 Lifestyle products you didn’t know you needed until now!

This chic but realistic tumbler should be your next go to water bottle! Why is it so useful? First, the size. It fits 44oz of liquid in it, reducing the number of times you have to refill your bottle and increasing the amount of liquid you consume. Most water bottles this size can be difficult to deal with due to the size. They either don’t fit in cup holders, or are hard to grip because of the width of the cup. The Stanley Tumbler has a handle that makes it easy to hold and transport. Lastly, it looks nice! There are great colors and a chic design that will look good wherever you hold it. 

Belt bags are not only trendy, but extremely functional. Especially in the way you wear them! You can wear it around your waist or around your torso. This gives you a hands free experience that is also worry free. You can keep your belongings near you and secure in the bag. No matter what you are doing, your bag will stay out and stay secure! 

It is time for a new generation of note taking. There are pros and cons to writing notes on paper and typing on a computer. You can get the best of both words with an Apple Pencil and I pad. The digital aspect of it keeps your notes easily organized and accessible. However, the aspect of your writing allows you to personalize your notes and retain the information.


Sometimes the right product can make all the difference. Make things a little easier by buying what is right for you!


-Written by Hannah Judd