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5 Rules of Building Successful Connections

5 Rules of Building Successful Connections

Author: Will Corrente
Updated: 6/10/2013

For me, connecting with people and connecting with entrepreneurs is one of the most enjoyable aspects of business and entrepreneurship. As a “Connection Optimizer”, I love brainstorming, making introductions, and pointing out potential synergies between friends, colleagues and fellow entrepreneurs.

Like all social behaviors there are some ground rules to observe in making and maintaining great connections:

1) It’s About Each of You- Whether you are connecting with one person or a group of people, it is important to consider the needs and objectives of each person or party involved and to seek win-win solutions. Effective connecting at its core is about is about helping each other seize opportunities, entrepreneurs and business people are more apt to help you reach your goals if they know you will do the same.

2) Follow-up Within 24 Hours – If you enjoyed making a connection or see potential for a relationship to develop, show the connection that meeting them was important to you by reaching out within 24 hours via phone, email or text. I find a simple note saying it was great to meet them, offering next steps of communication and an offer of to be of assistance if they need it is a great relationship builder.

3) Once in Touch, Stay In Touch – Every successful relationship in your life is built over time and through multiple interactions and communications. Once you have made the initial connection it is imperative that you follow up, stay in touch and check-in to keep the lines of communication open. If you live or work close by, a brief coffee meeting is an excellent relationship builder with your connections.

4) Be a Giver – People who excel at connecting give advice or assistance first and ask for assistance second. Offer your advice, counsel or assistance on a matter, offer an introduction to a friend or business associate who can help them as a way to show you care about their future success as much as your own.

5) Have a Long Term View – Great connectors know that the next great partnership, introduction or synergy could be just around the corner and that developing relationships with everyone they meet regardless of the immediate benefit is the key to long term success and relationship building. Some of my best connections and synergies have been 20 years in the making.

These 5 rules provide an excellent foundation for you to connect and be connected. The entrepreneur community lives on relationships, introductions and connections from one entrepreneur to another who sees a potential synergy, partnership or opportunity by connecting two or more parties. Follow these rules, be a connector and help the entrepreneur community grow, expand and prosper.

Abouth the Author:
Will Corrente is the well known connection optimizer and Founding Director of Corrente Consulting International Inc. (CCI). For over 20 years, Will has been creating process based solutions for small businesses and has prepared entrepreneurs to be connection ready and poised to reach the next level of success. Will is a regular featured columnist for New York Entrepreneur Week and the Bergen News and blogs at http://www.willcorrente.com.

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